One night stands dating

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One night stands dating

European women may seem like they have a more casual attitude when it comes to sex, but it is their American counterparts who are apparently having more one-night stands.

A new Dr ED survey of 500 Americans and 500 Europeans shows that the female respondents from the U. had six one-night stands on average while the ladies from across the pond admitted to only having four.

In the past, we’ve assembled the greatest love songs of all time, but let’s face it, a lot of phenomenal love and lust anthems come from a more, let’s say, transient place.

Our rules this time were simple: a one-night stand song can be giddy, longing, regretful, or lewd, as long as the lyrics make a thematic reference to short-lasting, fleeting trysts. — The cars-as-sex metaphor is one of rock and roll’s great clichés, with many, many, many notable entries, but none are as perfect as Prince’s first top 10 hit.

And about a third of the American and European women said they've never had a one-night stand and would judge someone harshly if they did.Meanwhile, approximately a quarter of the American and European women admitted they would judge someone for having a one-night stand — even though they've had one themselves.With so many people ready and willing to judge someone for having a one-night stand, it's not shocking that 42 per cent of American women and 45 per cent of European females won't tell anyone about their saucy night out And while they might have a better chance of being congratulated, 34 per cent of American men and 39 per cent of European men also opt to keep mum when it comes to their one-off encounters.Unsurprisingly, women are also getting the short end of the stick when it comes to satisfaction during their impromptu sexual encounters.Only 19 per cent of American women and 16 per cent of European women were completely satisfied with their one-night stands.

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When it comes to one-night stands, men and women are poles apart.

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